Larry Rosen - Remediation

Senior Project Manager

Specialty: Management of Remedial Investigations, Geological Characterization,
Development of Hydrological Analyses
Professional Registrations: Registered Geologist: Missouri & Illinois, Registered Professional
Geologist: Arkansas, Professional Geologist: Wisconsin, Professional Geoscientist/Geology: Texas

Expertise: With 30 years of experience, Mr. Rosen has served as senior project manager, field
manager and on-site geologist for numerous major RCRA, DERA, and CERCLA projects
throughout the Midwest, including Missouri’s Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program (B/VCP)
and the Illinois EPA Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives (TACO) program. His
responsibilities have included overseeing subsurface investigations, supporting geophysical
surveys, collection of soil samples, and design and development of groundwater monitoring
wells. Mr. Rosen's responsibilities require current knowledge of U.S. EPA, DOD, and OSHA
requirements and guidelines involving explorations, sampling and monitoring techniques, health
and safety/industrial hygienic, and quality assurance/ chain of custody requirements.
Mr. Rosen has managed the assessment of the Doe Run project, developing the work plan for
site characterization, managing implementation of the site characterization fieldwork, generating
the report of findings. He has also assisted with the remediation project as it moves forward.